mrlinux Ltd was founded in November 2011 by Mark Robinson to provide Training and Consultancy services.

Mark has a long history of messing around with Linux.  He started with Slackware back in 1996 when everyone else was raving about Windows 95 and he couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about!!  He then moved on to Redhat and Debian before discovering SUSE in 1998.  He first deployed SUSE to a customer in 1999, and that customer still uses SUSE to this day.

Mark’s first company, Reason Technology, specialised in small business consultancy and MS Access database development (yes really). Reason Technology was awarded SUSE Advanced Partner status in recognition of the work that it did with SUSE products. Reason Technology also moved into Lotus Notes which provided Mark with a great opportunity later on in his career.

When SUSE was purchased by Novell, Mark was invited to join to a Novell Partner, NDS8, to develop their Linux practise. His knowledge of Linux combined with their extremely strong Novell skills soon led to NDS8 being recognised as a leading proponent of the NetWare replacement – Open Enterprise Server Linux. Under the guidance of his colleagues, Mark was soon introduced to the idea of clustering and took to it like a penguin to water! The company was involved in some high profile successes with Novell clusters with Mark being instrumental in their design and deployment.

While at NDS8 Mark also became a Certified Novell Instructor, and latterly an Advanced CNI. He teaches a variety of Linux and OES courses, and has developed a Novell Cluster Services course. One notable training project was for the United Nations, training their server administrators for their Lotus Notes migration to Linux.

In November 2011 Mark left NDS8 to found mrlinux in order to focus on the wider Linux market.

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