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Open Horizons Summit 2015

16/04/2015 News 0

Once more unto Budapest!

This year saw mrLinux return to the Open Horizons Summit in Budapest.  Work commitments meant that it was a flying visit, but that didn’t reduce the number of hotlabs.  This year Mark presented three hot-labs!

The first was “BTRFs and Snapper”.  This gave the attendees an in-depth look at the new default filesystem in SLE 12, BTRFs, and how the SUSE snapper tool integrates with it to provide amazing in-filesystem snapshot and rollback capability – even on hardware.

Next up was “systemd on the horizon in SLE12″, covering the reasons behind the move away from the venerable init daemon.  Once the background was out of the way, it was hands on all the way, getting to grips with systemd.

The final lab was the much loved “Linux Troubleshooting”.  This is always a great lab to present, it’s nice to watch the attendees sweat for a change!!  There were over ten practical problems presented during the session, with additional information on techniques, and special focus on SLE12 as so many of our usual techniques are no longer applicable!

Open Horizons Summit 2014

16/04/2014 News 0

Following on from the success of last year’s summit, I was invited to present the same hotlabs to this year’s audience!

The troubleshooting session was improved this time around, with the script that breaks the VM having been refined quite a bit.  This meant that a lot more time could be spent of the fixing part!  Overall, we got through many more scenarios, giving the attendees valuable insights into fixing SLES!

The storage session was expanded to include more detail on the Linux storage subsystem, especially Multipath IO.  One of the attendees taught me something about MPIO, which would have saved me hours of work over the years…  Live and learn!

SUSEcon v2.0

27/09/2013 News 0

After a successful submission to the call for papers, mrLinux will again be presenting at SUSEcon in Orlando this November!!

Looking forward to it already…

A new direction – Mobile Iron

27/09/2013 News 0

A long running project this year is drawing to  a successful conclusion – a Mobile Iron deployment for a large UK PLC!

This project started out as the deployment of a number of Linux based load balancers in front of the MI infrastructure and led to us being involved in the whole project.  This involvement was truly end to end, right from the front end load balancers through the Mobile Iron VSP and Sentries, to helping oversee the development of a custom portal using the Web Services API provided by Mobile Iron.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a very important part of an organisation’s data security policy, and we are now in a good position to provide Mobile Iron consultancy services to anyone considering letting their corporate email loose on mobile devices!

OH Summit – Budapest 2013

17/04/2013 News 0

So, my first OH Summit comes to a close.  What a great few days here in Budapest!  Met up with lots of old friends, and gained a bunch of new ones.  When asked if I wanted to present, I jumped at the chance.

As usual, both presentations were heavily technical, the difference is that the attendees have to do all the work this time! The first session was on Linux/OES11 storage management, and the second was a (fairly evil) Linux troubleshooting session – some very serious looking faces in the audience…  Both sessions went well, and if OH invite me back I’ll be there like a shot!

LPIC-1 Ahoy!

17/03/2012 News 0

On Tuesday I sat and passed the LPI 101 and 102 exams! That means that am now LPIC-1 certified.

I had decided to sit both exams in one day to get it out of the way. I was actually a little nervous before the exams as I didn’t really know what to expect.  What I did find was that the exams cover a wide range of topics and distributions.  There were a few questions in there that I really didn’t know the answer to!  Now, these days, two minutes with google, or a man page, and that knowledge gap would have been plugged – sitting there with an empty box on the screen waiting for an answer, hmm… A little head scratching and educated guessing was required.

Thankfully I did know the answers to the vast majority of the questions and passed both exams with scores over 80%.  Each exam is 90 minutes long, but I didn’t quite need that long – 19 minutes for the first one.  The second was a bit tougher and took a little longer: 20 minutes.

LPIC-1 in under an hour…  I’m happy with that :-)

LPI here we come…

02/03/2012 News 0

The deed is done – LPI 101 and 102 exams are booked! Stay tuned for an update when the results are in (as long as it’s passes all round :-)

Another TTP EMEA 2012 session!!

29/02/2012 News 0




The workload for the TTP just keeps on growing, but I’m not complaining!

I’m now presenting with Hubert from SEP on Sesam backups.  He gets to talk, and I get to do a demo of the SEP Sesam Appliance and backing up and OES11 server…

TTP EMEA 2012 is almost upon us…

26/02/2012 News 0




So, it’s getting to that time of year again – TTP EMEA (  Really looking forward to seeing old (and young) friends again as well as meeting loads of interesting new people!

As this year’s conference is the first official outing for mrlinux there’s a lot of prep work to be done, not least getting business cards printed and this website up and running!!

I’m will be presenting four session this year:

  • Configuring OES11 server volumes and file systems using the NLVM command sets
  • Patch Staging with SMT
  • Implementing POSIX clustering resources with NCS and NCP enabling them
  • SUSE Linux Availability (including SLE HA and SLE HA GEO)

That means a whole lot of live demos and a large number of VMs to get right!  The current count is 6 VMs totalling over 40G of disk space – really must back them up somewhere before something goes bang…

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