Effective Backups

Despite all the hype, most organisations still have the majority of their data on-premise!

Managing backups for your heterogeneous environment can be a real headache as data volumes grow and backup windows shorten.  What your organisation needs is a simple to manage, high performance backup solution that will work across your estate without breaking the bank…

mrlinux Ltd is happy to be able to offer two extremely powerful solutions  to this problem.


SEP Sesam

Sesam is an exceptionally flexible and fast piece of backup software from www.sep.de that runs on Linux or Windows.  It has clients for a wide variety of OSs and then there’s all the plugins for your favourite email/groupware platform or virtualisation system.  SEP is equally at home backing up to your local tape drive, robotic tape changer or SAN/NAS device, multistreaming the data to whichever device to ensure the best throughput.  Sesam is very competitively priced  – ask us for a quote and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!



AMANDA is an open source solution that uses standard Unix tools like dump and tar to carry out effective backups of your Unix based systems.

For Windows there’s a native client of course.

AMANDA is unique in that it will balance out your backups over a given period – you no longer have to work out when you can fit in full/differential/incremental backups – AMANDA smooths out the data transfers over the defined period for you by defining its own schedule – all you have to do it to decide what you want backed up, and to where.

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