Highly Available Systems

At mrlinux, we have long been known for our clustering expertise.  We have been involved in the design and deployment of a wide variety of highly available systems using both Novell Cluster Services from Novell Open Enterprise Server and the Linux HA stack with pacemaker.

Notable recent successes include:

  • A six node NCS file sharing cluster with over 3500 connected users
  • A five node NCS file sharing cluster with over 43Tb of data managed with Novell’s Dynamic Storage Technology and CIFS access
  • A three node Linux HA XEN virtualisation cluster with live migrate running a mixture of SLES and Microsoft Windows virtual machines

The methodology that we use for clusters is repeatability. For instance, all SuSE Linux cluster nodes are always built with AutoYaST to ensure build consistency, and all cluster resources are then carefully configured using templates.  Where available, SAN multipathing and NIC redundancy are always enabled. We also make a point of working with you to ensure that there are no single points of failure, right down to checking that the nodes’ power supplies are not all plugged into the same power bar!

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