Linux Consultancy

In recent years, Linux has grown up fast, leaving its hobbyist roots far behind it.  As an OS it now takes its place in the datacentre alongside, and replacing, traditional Unix systems to become a core part of your server infrastructure. Enterprise versions from SuSE, Redhat and Ubuntu mean that Linux is now ready for the most demanding of tasks, and has the support infrastructure behind it.

These enterprise ready versions have a lifetime that allows vendors to certify their products and applications for Linux, something that is happening more and more. Once the applications you depend upon are certified to run on Linux, there are major cost savings to be considered over traditional, expensive Unix systems.

With over 15 years of Linux experience, mrlinux makes the perfect choice for your Linux consulting partner.  We can help you design, deploy and maintain your Linux infrastructure using both the commercial enterprise ready and pure Open Source Linux distributions.  Talk to us today to learn more about installing, configuring and maintaining Linux in your environment.

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