Linux Training

With Linux deployments on the rise, there is an increasing requirement for skilled Linux administrators –   Linux certifications are becoming increasingly desirable skills in the job market.

On a personal level, whether you are a complete newcomer to Linux or a seasoned Unix administrator looking to cross train, mrlinux can help you achieve that Linux qualification.  We work with a number of  training companies to deliver public courses on the Novell Linux certification tracks.  If you are a Novell Open Enterprise Server administrator, we also offer the Novell Certified Engineer track courses.

For the corporate market the driver behind Linux training is usually the deployment of a Linux based system that existing administrators will have to look after.  Here, mrlinux can work with your organisation to deliver custom training to enable your staff to look after the systems that you have rather than generic training that involve wasted effort.  Such courses can often be shorter and more focussed than curriculum led courses and can provide major cost savings.

At mrlinux, we have also developed our own Novell Cluster Services course that will teach you to deploy, maintain and troubleshoot an NCS Linux cluster.  We believe that this course is the best available NCS training that you can undertake!

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