Open Horizons Summit 2015

Once more unto Budapest!

This year saw mrLinux return to the Open Horizons Summit in Budapest.  Work commitments meant that it was a flying visit, but that didn’t reduce the number of hotlabs.  This year Mark presented three hot-labs!

The first was “BTRFs and Snapper”.  This gave the attendees an in-depth look at the new default filesystem in SLE 12, BTRFs, and how the SUSE snapper tool integrates with it to provide amazing in-filesystem snapshot and rollback capability – even on hardware.

Next up was “systemd on the horizon in SLE12″, covering the reasons behind the move away from the venerable init daemon.  Once the background was out of the way, it was hands on all the way, getting to grips with systemd.

The final lab was the much loved “Linux Troubleshooting”.  This is always a great lab to present, it’s nice to watch the attendees sweat for a change!!  There were over ten practical problems presented during the session, with additional information on techniques, and special focus on SLE12 as so many of our usual techniques are no longer applicable!

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