TTP EMEA 2012 is almost upon us…




So, it’s getting to that time of year again – TTP EMEA (  Really looking forward to seeing old (and young) friends again as well as meeting loads of interesting new people!

As this year’s conference is the first official outing for mrlinux there’s a lot of prep work to be done, not least getting business cards printed and this website up and running!!

I’m will be presenting four session this year:

  • Configuring OES11 server volumes and file systems using the NLVM command sets
  • Patch Staging with SMT
  • Implementing POSIX clustering resources with NCS and NCP enabling them
  • SUSE Linux Availability (including SLE HA and SLE HA GEO)

That means a whole lot of live demos and a large number of VMs to get right!  The current count is 6 VMs totalling over 40G of disk space – really must back them up somewhere before something goes bang…

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